Anti Pest Kit (100ml Pest Buster + 1 Litre Spray Can)

Anti Pest Kit (100ml Pest Buster + 1 Litre Spray Can)

Nutri Kit ( BUNCH n BLOOM - 100ml with Spray Can 1 Ltr )

Nutri Kit ( BUNCH n BLOOM - 100ml with Spray Can 1 Ltr )

Anti Pest Plus Kit (250ml Pest Buster + 2 Litre Spray Can)

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Anti Pest Plus Kit (Pest Buster 250 ML + Spray Can Combo Pack)
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 Package Includes:

  • Pest Buster 250 ml (With Neem Oil) 

[email protected] Pest Buster is a 100% microbial plant health promoter.  All of our products under our microbial range contain a unique blend of beneficial bacteria, fungi, enzymes and vitamins that convert these freely available nutrients of nature into soluble and available forms, which can be easily consumed by the roots of all plants. 

  • Spray Can 2 Litre

A portable and multipurpose powerful pressure sprayer with superior performance for plant watering or to spray fertiliser / bio-insecticides with neem oil. It comes with fully adjustable brass nozzle to adjust the intensity of water spray from direct inspection to fine mist spray. Used for watering / nutrient or fertilising / bio-pesticide with neem oil. Fully Adjustable Nozzle, Easy Grip Handle, Efficient Pump.


Shake the bottle well before use


Mix 10ML of Pest Buster for every 1 Litre of water Then add 3ML of neem oil also provided
(Resulting solution should look like a muddy mix of water with a pungent odour given off by the microorganisms present in the product)


Prepared solution can be used either by spraying with a spray bottle, or sprinkling by hand such that it covers the areas where disease or pests are visible (Above and below leaves, stem and growing media)

  • For soil or growing media - The prepared solution can be sprinkled by hand, using the gloves provided, or evenly poured, from a small container.
  • For plants - The solution can be sprayed using a spray-bottle or sprinkled by hand, using gloves.
  • For Outdoor plants - Use the product when there is not much sunshine (Before 8AM / After 5PM)
  • For Indoor plants - Product can be used anytime if the pot or garden in is complete shade.



  • Safely use wearing mask and gloves provided
  • Wash your hands after application of the product
  • Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes
  • Do NOT ingest
  • Store in a dry and cool place away from children and pet
More Information

A product from Vaighai Worldwide MADE IN INDIA


  • 100% Biological and Microbial Product
  • No Synthetic or Chemical Additives Used.
  • A Biological Control Agent which fights against various fungal and bacterial diseases
  • Gets rid of unwanted pests.
  • Prevents pests from reappearing
  • Great for Organic Farming
  • Eco Friendly


A carefully formulated solution that helps eradicate pests and keep plants healthy.

Volume 100 Ml or 250 Ml
Potency 1 x 109 cells/ml
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