Nutri Soil – 10 Kg |  All Purpose Garden Potting Soil

Nutri Soil – 10 Kg | All Purpose Garden Potting Soil

Nutri Soil – 20 Kg | All Purpose Garden Potting Soil

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Nutri soil 20 kg
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Soil is the most important factor in gardening since it is the primary source for all of the plants’ nutrient requirements. Plants growing in nutrient-rich, balanced soil grow healthier and give higher yields.

[email protected] Nutri Soil is a special blend of more than 9 natural and organic igredients including coco peat, vermicompost, red soil, cow manure and others. It has been specifically formulated to deliver the perfect balance of essential micro and macro nutrients required for optimum plant growth and yield.

It is ready to use and can be used to fill planters, pots and containers or as a blend with exisiting garden soil or mud. It can be used to replace, refresh or top up soil in existing gardens and pots.

[email protected] Nutri Soil is nutrient rich and great for sustainable, organic, home vegetable gardening providing healthier, tastier and increased yields. It can also be used for all flowering and leafy plants and lawns as well.

How to Use

  • [email protected] Nutri Soil is most suitable for vegetable plants.
  • Just fill your pot or container or garden bed with [email protected] Nutri Soil and start growing for better yields and increased plant health.
  • [email protected] Nutri Soil can also be used to refresh and recharge older garden soil – carefully replace at least 30-40% of old garden mud or soil with Nutri Soil to give your plants a boost of nutrients and earthy goodness.
  • [email protected] Nutri Soil can also be used for all flowering and leafy plants, indoor plants, decorative plants and lawns.
  • 25 Litres of [email protected] Nutri Soil can be used to fill
  • 1 x 15”x12” Vegetable Grow Bag (Tomato, Okra, Brinjal, Gourds, etc)
  • 2 x 9”x9” Vegetable Grow Bags (Beetroot, Radish, Spinach, Greens, etc)
  • 2-3 x 10” Flower Pots
  • 5 x 10” Hanging Baskets
  • 12-15 x 6” Flower Pots and Planters

Product Details

  • Ingredients: Coco Peat, Vermicompost, Red Soil, Beneficial Microbes including Azospirillum, Pseudomonas, Trichoderma, Mycorrhiza etc, Farmyard Manure, Micro Nutrients, Macro Nutrients, Minerals, Enzymes
  • Weight: 20 kgs
  • Volume: 25 Ltrs
  • Use: For all vegetable, flowering and leafy plants, indoor and decorative plants and lawns
  • Store in a cool / shady spot or indoors away from direct sunlight

More Information

Nutri Soil Features

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Does not contain any harmful chemicals
  • Great for Organic Farming
  • Coco Peat provides excellent water retention
  • Lightweight and loose blend with aerating properties encourage a strong and healthy root system
  • Does not compact
  • Contains more than 4 types of beneficial microbes helpful in nutrient fixation
  • Has antifungal properties
  • Vermicompost promotes growth of beneficial red earthworms
  • Balanced micro and macro nutrients of N-P-K and other minerals essential for plant growth and yields
  • Optimum neutralised and balanced pH and EC levels
  • Long life – with regular topping and adding compost, [email protected] Nutri soil can be used for upto 5 years
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