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[email protected] Coir Pots are a great Eco Friendly option and look great for both indoor and outdoor plants.

[email protected] Pots are made of compressed, 100% natural coir fibre. Coir fibre ensures optimum fibre retention and superior aeration of the growing media thus improving the overall health and strength of plants.

The pots look great and can be used as is, or to line other planters and can even be used transplant young saplings directly into the ground. The completely biodegradable coir protects roots from transplant shock and disruption during transplantation. Once buried in soil or growing media, it breaks down over 2-3 months and then provides additional nutrients to the root system.

Just add water – Block expands to 60L of Growing Media!

[email protected] Coir Pots can be used to grow all sorts of indoor or outdoor leafy, fruiting or flowering plants, herbs, succulents and saplings.

  • Place each pot independently or within a container
  • Fill upto 2/3rds [email protected] Growing Media or your preferred potting mix
  • Plant seedlings or young plants and add more growing media so that the roots are covered.
  • Sprinkle water.
  • Place pots in places with adequate sunlight
  • Watch your plants grow lush and healthy!
More Information

A product from Vaighai Worldwide MADE IN INDIA

  • 100% Natural and Biodegradable
  • Great for Organic Farming
  • Coir suppresses the growth of several pathogenic fungi
  • Saves from root disruption and shock during transplant
  • Decomposes& releases nutrients into soil over an extended period
  • Eco Friendly


Ingredients 100% Natural Coir Fibre
Contains One 6 Inch Dia Coir Pot


Top Dia 6.5 Inch
Bottom Dia 4 Inch
Height Dia 5 Inch                            
Made in India
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