InBLOOM - 100 ml

InBLOOM - 100 ml

PEST BUSTER - 100 ml

PEST BUSTER - 100 ml

ROOTY - 100 ml

Farm@Home Rooty is a 100% microbial root health promoter. All of our products under our microbial range contain a unique blend of beneficial bacteria, fungi, enzymes and vitamins that convert these freely available nutrients of nature into soluble and available forms, which can be easily consumed by the roots of all plants.

Rooty is a uniquely formulated solution of beneficial fungi that naturally absorbs essential macro and micro nutrients from growing media and the air around us and converts them into soluble formsthat can be easily absorbed by plant roots. This naturally and organically helps roots grow stronger and in turn ensures healthier plants.

Rooty can be used for all crops, plants, shrubs and trees. When applied as per instructions given it you can have a wonderful garden of robust plants and trees.


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Shake the bottle well before use


Mix 10ML of Rooty for every 1 Litre of water
(Resulting solution should look like a muddy mix of water with a pungent odour given off by the microorganisms present)


This solution can be used to prepare growing media for new plants and enhance the soil of existing plants. (Additionally, use the nutrient mix provided separately, as per directions given on it)


  • For soil or growing media - The prepared solution can be sprinkled by hand, using the gloves provided, or evenly poured, from a small container.
  • For plants - The solution can be sprayed using a spray-bottle or sprinkled by hand, using gloves.
  • For Outdoor plants - Use the product when there is not much sunshine (Before 8AM / After 5PM)
  • For Indoor plants – Product can be used anytime if the pot or garden in is complete shade.


  • Safely use wearing mask and gloves provided
  • Wash your hands after application of the product
  • Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes
  • Do NOT ingest
  • Store in a dry and cool place away from children and pet

More Information

A product from Vaighai Worldwide MADE IN INDIA


  • 100% Biological and Microbial Product,
  • No Synthetic or Chemical Additives Used.
  • Root Enhancer – Helps roots absorb macro and micro nutrients from soil/growing media
  • It enhances root nodulation and nitrogen fixation
  • Helps in absorption of water for the roots
  • Gives roots a boost that helps plant grow bigger faster.
  • Root-Enhancing bacteria helps in retention of water and absorption of essential nutrients from growing media.
  • Great for Organic Farming
  • Eco Friendly


Use for all crops, plants, shribs and trees. Shelf Life 1Year from the date of manufacture

Volume 100 Ml
Potency 1 x 109 cells/ml

Brand Square
Made in Canada
Gender Mens
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