Package includes Home Consultation, Site Visit, Dedicated Plant Doctor Support  on Whatsapp

We, at Farm@Home offer simple, chemical-free, eco-friendly growing solutions for Vegetable Garden Services with a goal to bring in a little bit of greenery onto the desk/balcony/terrace of every home or office, and ultimately contribute to a cleaner, healthier world.

Let us join you in sowing the seed of urban home farming across the nation. The sun, soil and plants provide us urbanites, especially children, an invaluable lesson of responsibility over and above edible produce. All you need is as little as a 10x10 space on your terrace and lots of enthusiasm.

How it works


Get in touch


Schedule a Visit


We do Sunlight & Water Tests


Pick your favourite seeds from over 40 varieties


We schedule a date and set up your garden


Show your garden some love


1 x maintenance visits from our experts


Reap your harvests!

Why you should Farm@Home

Terra Lite/ Terra Plus/ Terra Pro/ Terra Prime

We specialise in over 30 kinds of vegetable plants. Upon request we will visit your terrace, do a sunlight test, a water test and help you choose the number of bags you will require per variety depending on the number of people in your family.

Our Farm@Home Gardeners will set your garden up with our

  • enriched Nutri Soil,
  • Seeds
  • HDPE,UV treated grow bags

All of our packages include

  • a watering can,
  • 1 free maintenance visits
  • whatsapp support for all your queries
  • free delivery (inside Madurai city for now)


Our Garden experts will visit your Farm@Home terrace garden and help with maintenance. Plant trimming, training and pruning

  • Application of nutrients and manure
  • Soil top-up
  • Weed removal
  • Foliar anti-pest spraying
  • Plant growth Tips & Guidance


Farm@Home’s UV treated bags and Nutri Soil can be used for up to 5 years before replacement. Most vegetable plants are annuals. At the end of the plants’ productive lives, we offer our customers a package to refill their package to ensure continuous benefits .

Our Top Up packages include:

  • Nutri Soil top up
  • Soil Booster application
  • Choice of vegetable seeds (winter/summer crops)
  • 1 free maintenance visit

*All our customers get free plant growing guidance and support via whatsapp from our resident Farm@Home Plant Doctor